X-FIT gym, founded by former-kickboxer-turned-trainer Jimmy Fusaro in 2000, delivers an unrivaled, kick-ass workout. The hour-long classes offer patrons a chance to get out from under claustrophobic training sessions at overpriced chain gyms. Clients of X-FIT will benefit from one-on-one training with Jimmy Fusaro using his custom-built circuit equipment in the 1,500-square-foot gym.  Sessions can be taken individually, or, if preferred, in a small group of one’s choosing. 

For 13 years, Jimmy Fusaro has been developing a unique, sustainable routine that works for people from all backgrounds and ages Jimmy oldest client is 76 years young and his youngest client is 9 1/2. 

 Jimmy trains clients at all levels from first-timers to pro Athletes. 

By combining boxing, kickboxing, circuit training, balance, and sport-specific conditioning along with the equipment he has built for 60 minutes of action pact training.

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Call or email for times today xfittraining@verizon.net or 212-725-7991


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