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Excellence in Fitness

X-Fit is a personal training boxing gym in NYC. Founded by former kickboxer, Jimmy Fusaro, he is able to implement unique forms of fighting for his clients and techniques to help them improve as athletes physically and mentally. At X-Fit Jimmy trains not only kickboxing, but also boxing, muay thai, conditioning, sport-specific conditioning, strengthening, and balance.



X-FIT  was never a gym it was Ideas and equipment built by former kickboxer-turned-trainer, Jimmy Fusaro,  For 17 years Jimmy formula and his experience has help him in delivering an unrivaled, kick-ass workout.  Hour-long workout session offer clients a chance to get out from the same old nonsence and away from the claustrophobic overpriced chain gyms. Clients have benefit from one-on-one training with his custom-built circuit equipment.  

Sessions can be taken individually or shared with a friend of one’s choosing splitting the cost.

If your looking for  that unique, sustainable exercise routine that works.  Then book a session soon. 

All levels are welcome from first-timers to pro athletes. 

By combining boxing, kickboxing, circuit training, balance, and sport-specific conditioning along with the equipment he has built, client get 60 minutes of action packed training.

Working currently out of the back of PHYSIQUE GYM  located at 58 east 11 street 4 fl

 Email today with any questions you may have: