The Bio of Owner/Trainer Jimmy Fusaro has competed and trained in the fighting arts of Boxing/KickBoxing, Muay Thai


  It was at the Huntington Station Long Island Youth Development Agency in his hometown of Huntington, Long Island, When Jimmy filled a friend to the YDA the first day was a little tough he learned real fast that he didn't know how to fight. Going back to the gym day after day no matter what. Jimmy showed  a passion for the sport, and the training. In January of 1982 with only 3 months of training jimmy entered the 132lbs novice class in the NYGG, Jimmy won his first fight with a 54 second K.O. at the NY Daily News Golden Gloves Competition:

“I knocked the guy out in 54 seconds of the first round in my first fight.” 

And while boxing remained his first love, his secondary obsession was kickboxing, Joining forces with [ MMA Guru] Ray Longo training in the back of Ray's detail shop and through diligent practice, We were young in the sport.   he started a promising career in the increasingly popular discipline. At the age of 34, Fusaro was sidelined from competitive sports after he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. His hard work in the gym, however, was just beginning. In 1996, Fusaro moved to Manhattan and started personal training at New York Sports Club for three years. He then moved to Equinox Fitness and instructed for four years as a certified Elite-Plus trainer. 

 X-FIT way of training began in 2000 when Jimmy left EQUINOX he had a full client roster, and a head full of ideas on his own training methods he developed over a lifetime of working in the gyms NYC  boxing, kickboxing.       

 I put a lot of hard work, time and effort into building X-FIT.

Each year since I started on my own my philosophy has never change "Be Different" a "Disrupter"  off everybody else is doing it then I won't  


 -Jimmy Fusaro.

Call or Email for availability or any questions you may have. or 917-670-9048