Living with type 1 diabetes

My life and how I found out I was a diabetic with hypothyroidism working and training told by me. ADA being a diabetic fitness and diabetes live longer with diabetes ADA march expo speaker

When Jimmy Fusaro was growing up in Huntington Station Long Island always an active kid played all sports wrestled in jr high and high school, Baseball, Football you name it he'd show up.

But in the late 60"s and 70"s if a kid or ran out of gas while playing a game or was a little moody and quick to get angry when hungry he was just consider a jerk.    

Diabetes " No way you're just a kid "

Or when as a young man going out with friends to enjoy a few beers and your mood changed and you were drunk by the third beer and getting sick.

Diabetes  "Sorry pal you just can't hold your booze"  

In 1992 I got a DWI and while at DWI school I guy ask me if I ever blacked out while drinking I said yes one time,   They failed me, So I had to go to peterson & craig while sitting with the Tuesday night group I told myself that if drinking going to keep me coming back to this place I'll never drink again my last day of any alcohol and 6/24/1994 I had my last Beer. 

Two years later I found myself drinking a lot of water and gatorade always thirsty craving sugar or something sweet I like gatorade and sweet foods as a kid but never like this, also losing weight having a hard time exercising and just moving period. Most thought I was just overworked and to cheap to take a vacation. 

I was working at Equinox and NYSC at the same time running around NYC plus trying to continue a Pro Kickboxing career my last two fights I trained about once per week and came in underweight both times lost two decisions to guys I should have beaten easy. 

I started to get a uneasy feeling about my body it was letting me down.

Finally decided to go the Doctor and get a physical when they check my blood he told me that we needed to go to the emergency room So I got in my truck met him at the hospital ask him by the way why are we here? my better couldn't read your blood said you were to high.

Once in the emergency room they took some blood then came out and ask me to go to ICU and when I walk into ICU the nurse ask me who are you here to visit. Don't know I told her 

Next thing I knew six nurses came running in pushed me into a bed hook up an iv tube with a potassium solution to flush my blood it seems my blood sugar level was 1067 and my A1c was 16% should have been in a diabetic coma.

I spent three days in ICU then three day's in a regular room shared with other diabetics you can do a lot of thinking while lying in a hospital bed hearing people scream from pain knowing that the limb there crying about won't be there tomorrow. About a year later I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism my body weight went from 148lbs to 203lbs in no time. It takes some time before you get your diabetes some what under control.   

Fast forward some Twenty years later still battling the blood sugar toughest fight to date.

Will keep on adding to this page