Mommybox classes will be taught at both X-FIT and Pouncing Tigers in Harlem.


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We all know Moms lead very busy lives.

You juggle your time between work and children, and for many of you fitting something else into your busy schedule is unimaginable.

BUT... at X-FIT, we know busy moms want to look and feel good too. Staying healthy and in shape is important, so that is why we want to extend a special invitation to you...

Come experience MOMMY-BOX, a new class starting at X-FIT. It is a fast-paced 60 minute boxing/conditioning workout constructed with the busy mom in mind.

We begin with boxing - and Mommies if youʼve never put
on the gloves, thereʼs nothing quite like pounding the heavy bags and pads to release that bottled-up stress from your busy lives - all the while getting back into summer shape! You will work on various conditioning and strengthening exercises
and finally you will move into an exercise circuit with the equipment made by Owner of X-FIT, Jimmy Fusaro. It is a challenging workout that will have you in and out in 60 minutes and ready to tackle the day! 

MommyBox is looking for a new home if you think your gym mat enjoy this class contact us today for more Info about bringing the class to you.