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X-FIT testimonials posted by clients


  • "Many people don't realize the role that creativity plays in training. I did not until I meet Jimmy. Jimmy's one of a kind workout is not only increasing my strength and agility; it is something to look forward to from session to session. Jimmy keeps things fresh and challenging like no trainer I have ever had. Amidst the onslaught of "McDonaldized" fitness centers, Jimmy manages to keep it real and keep it exciting."
  • -Adam Broitman,
  • “I’ve been coming to X-Fit for almost three years, and I come because it works; it works because Jimmy makes training enjoyable, and not a chore.  He’s constantly designing his own new equipment to focus on different areas of the body, and the innovation keeps workouts interesting.  And if you have a goal you want to achieve, or an activity for which you want to train, Jimmy will design a workout program to get you there.”
  • -John Doherty- GEO Capital Holdings
  • "Before going to X-fit I had never stepped inside a ring but from day one, I felt right at home. Through the years, I've tried many gyms (Equinox, NYSC, Reebok) and I've tried all different types of workouts and even sessions with different personal trainers but I never felt quite challenged enough. After a few months of training with Jimmy at X-FIT, not only did I feel I was learning a skill but I was much stronger and my endurance increased significantly. As a teacher Jimmy is patient, dedicated, intense and funny. X-fit was not only empowering but fun too. Once you start working out at X-fit, you’ll keep coming back for more."
  • -Marianne Hayden, NBC Universal
  • "I started training with Jimmy Fusaro at X-Fit in the summer of 2007. As a professional hockey player, I came to Jimmy with one objective: I wanted to get tougher. Not only did we accomplish that, but the following year I had my best year to date and felt that my confidence was as high as ever. Jimmy helps me improve my endurance in and out of the ring, along with special exercises to help me with stability and strength. I look at my training experience with Jimmy as a turning point in my career. A proven fighter himself, Jimmy knows what it takes. Every time I step into X-Fit, I know I am going to be challenged, but I also know I am getting an experience unlike any other in NYC. X-Fit is a special place, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with Jimmy next summer."
  • -Hugh Jessiman, professional hockey player
  • "I've been training with Jimmy for almost 13 years and I can honestly say that I've never once been bored. Jimmy keeps the workouts new, fresh, fun, challenging and exciting. I've left a lot of sweat on the floor of his gym. Thanks to Jimmy I'm able to "workout" all the anxiety and stress that comes with running a successful business. Jimmy will get you in the best shape of your life and make it fun getting there."
  • -Marc Mayhew
  • "I have always thought about taking boxing, but never wanted to do it in the group settings you see at the gym due to fear of looking or feeling silly. Having a private boxing facility to train at like X-FIT has been priceless! All my fears were gone after the first sessions – even though I had barely ever thrown a punch before, Jimmy makes you feel comfortable and teaches you the fundamentals of boxing all while also focusing on conditioning and strength training. I sweat like a maniac, get stronger, learn how to defend myself, get in better shape all while having a great time. I’ve never felt healthier or in better shape! Above and beyond the boxing and conditioning, Jimmy has helped me through terrible lower back pain teaching me numerous stretching techniques I can do anywhere – not just at his gym. I have been going at 6am religiously for over 2 years now and couldn’t see myself stopping – Jimmy turned a boxing novice into a boxing addict! If you are bored with the day to day gym workouts, I couldn’t think of a better place than X-Fit to jumpstart your training or your day!"
  • -Adam M. Venokur, Tarlow & Co.
  • “I have been training with Jimmy for over ten years now. I can tell you that it is by far the best all around work out possible. Jimmy takes great care to ensure that the instruction is top notch and that the work out is safe and fun. The facility is always clean and the one on one instruction guarantees a full hour of learning and hard work. I have taken many friends with me to X-Fit over the years. I have yet to find one who was disappointed and many of them have become regulars.”
  • -Kaveh Khosrowshahi
  • "I have been training with Jimmy at X-Fit for the past 10 years. There are very few things I have done for 10 years, this is one of them, because the results are compelling and despite the physical toil involved, spending time with Jimmy has been a great pleasure. I cannot give a higher recommendation."
  • -Yoon Kim
  • "I have been training with Jimmy for the past 10 years and am always amazed how Jimmy consistently comes up with new creative exercises to keep the work-outs fresh. If you are looking for a traditional gym experience, X-Fit is not the place for you, but if you are looking to challenge yourself while having fun there is no better place. Jimmy takes great pride in designing workouts that meet your needs and makes working out enjoyable. I highly recommend X-Fit."
  • -Jim Shore, NorthRoad Capitol Management
  • "X-Fit Training provides a fun and intense workout. Jimmy Fusaro's experience and instructional methods will help you reach your goals, whether it's to prepare for a boxing match or to lose those last 10 pounds."
  • -Pete
  • "I have been coming to see Jimmy now for just under five years and have a session with him once a week. Jimmy comes up with a variety of weird and wonderful exercises, all of which are designed to keep you doing something new and are truly exhausting. There’s never a dull moment and by the time you’re done at the end of the hour (if you’re lucky you get to do the gauntlet, a truly agonizing push up set) you’re done and dusted. I really enjoy my hour’s fitness with Jimmy each week and am in much better shape for it."
  • -Tom Simon, Pearson Corporate Finance and Strategy
  • “Jimmy’s personalized attention and individualized routines have helped me achieve the conditioning I always wanted. Strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina: X-Fit works on them all. And Jimmy works with my schedule, which is not always easy!”
  • -Ariel A
  • "Coming to X-Fit I’ve improved my mixed-martial arts skills, and I owe much of that to Jimmy. He not only trains me, but gets in the ring and grapples – and he is tough! It’s been the best training I could imagine.”
  • -Alejo Chouela, GEO Capital Holdings
  • “I love going to X-FIT for personalized combative arts training in a fun, clean environment. You're not taught the techniques of the week or what's conducive to the instructor's body type or fighting style and experience. At X-FIT your weaknesses are exposed and corrected, while you learn how to maximize your strengths. You reinforce old skills and develop new skills, while having fun at an extremely reasonable rate."
  • -Art Swasey
  • "Jimmy is an excellent trainer - meets individuals at their level of skill and pushes them to even higher levels, all while instilling confidence and motivating them to work as hard as they can. Jimmy incorporates new techniques each session, while strengthening learned techniques through repetition and open-ring/mat type of fighting. Boxing, grappling, self-defense, and more can be introduced and challenged by're in for a serious workout, of your mind and body, at X-Fit Training.”
  • -Rachel Pallatto
  • “I came to X-Fit to train for a friendly boxing tournament that had been organized at a local Jiu Jitsu academy. After we discussed my goals for training, Jimmy wrapped my hands and we got to work. I had never boxed before but I have been an athlete my whole life. Jimmy analyzed my movement and gave me some quick instructions. At the end of the first hour with Jimmy, I knew I was in the right place. The tournament was eventually canceled but over the next five years Jimmy not only taught me to box - he got me in the best shape of my life. The best part of the training is Jimmy's ability to adjust to my mood: some days you just don't have your best stuff. Jimmy's sense of humor and relaxed attitude make even the hardest training sessions enjoyable. Finally, Jimmy is a coach rather than a "personal trainer." He teaches everything he knows and he takes pride in his students' accomplishments (I think he was happier than I was when I did my first muscle-up!). At the end of the day, time is more precious than money as you can never make more time. Jimmy fully embraces this philosophy - above all things, he hates to waste time and makes every moment a true learning experience.”
  • -Daniel Lepanto
  • “Over the past 14 years I've trained around the country with professionals in the fields of defensive tactics, MMA, firearms, etc, and I have to put Jimmy Fusaro at the top of my list. Training with Jimmy put me in the best shape of my life. Jimmy brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the fields of kickboxing, MMA, boxing, grappling and personal training, so it's one-stop-shopping for ALL your training needs. He's centrally located in NYC and his facility is well kept and well stocked with the latest in new tech and old school training. I would and have recommended him for years, So if you're really serious about training hard, changing your body, getting in shape and learning how to defend yourself like the professionals, call Jimmy at X-FIT, you won't be disappointed!"
  • -Rick James