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Changing Locations

In the last 3 years I”ve change gyms 4 times and not one time was it fun.

1st location was renting from an asshole who thought his way of exercising was the end all. Don’t know how he paid his bills never saw anyone in the place.

Then his Landlord another shithead threw him out like mine did to me “another long story that I won’t go into”

He ask me to move with him I did and 6months later he got me out.

Then I went to my friends Mike and leily at Aerospace back on 27 street there for a year and a half and another long story set for a different time.

Which takes me to now cause in each move I look for certain quility’s in a location, 1. east access for my clients.

2. clean got to be clean. to be creative I don’t care about the gym equipment just room to work.

Which takes me to the place I’m at now Iconoclast Fitness on 5th ave in NYC

It’s clean easy access for clients and enough room to work.

Just getting back into this will right more later