X-Fit, is a personal training boxing gym in NYC. Founded by former kickboxer, Jimmy Fusaro, he is able to implement unique forms of fighting for his clients and techniques to help them improve as athletes physically and mentally. At X-Fit Jimmy trains not only kickboxing, but also boxing, muay thai, conditioning, sport-specific conditioning, strengthening, and balance.



 Currently working at PHYSIQUE GYM  at 4 west 18 street first door up the stairs


X-FIT videos were done at the old location but my training never changes.

2013-2016 at old X-FIT

Email me if you have any questions about the equipment or routines. 

X-FIT 2017

Working in a mush smaller room I can still pull some magic out of the air " it's not the size of the room but the size of the imagination in the room' Vist my instagram and Facebook pages to see the updated videos