X-Fit, is a personal training boxing gym in NYC. Founded by former kickboxer, Jimmy Fusaro, he is able to implement unique forms of fighting for his clients and techniques to help them improve as athletes physically and mentally. At X-Fit Jimmy trains not only kickboxing, but also boxing, muay thai, conditioning, sport-specific conditioning, strengthening, and balance.



X-FIT stands for "Excellence in Fitness" a lifestyle and phyilosophy used by former kickboxer-turned-trainer, Jimmy Fusaro,   

In 1992 Jimmy started working in the major gyms [ NYSC, Equinox] in NYC. 

Gaining experience and knowledge.

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 After leaving Equinox in 2000. Jimmy needed a new start, Hence the birth of X-FIT "Six years before cross-fit." and for over the last 17 years Jimmy has used his own formula and experience to change the way his clients think and exercise today.

X-FIT motto "No two people are alike so why train them alike".  

X-FIT Hour-long workout session are to design to work with the clients ability and the offers clients a chance to get out from the same old crap and away from the claustrophobic overpriced chain gyms.  

X-FIT Sessions can be taken individually or shared with a friend of one’s choosing splitting the cost. Were ever you go you have to pay for it so it might as well be something you can't get in any other gym.

X-FIT equipment  Jimmy has built "you won't find it in any other gym in NYC and maybe the world". The unique way he challenges you with his exercise methods and routines that works.

Try it by yourself or with a friend.

X-FIT excepts all everyone is welcome from first-timers to pro athletes. 

X-FIT has been in many print and fitness blogs especially because of it's not a one-trick pony workout.

 Combining the skills and technique of Boxing, Mauy Thai Kickboxing, Circuit training, Balance skills, and over all Body Conditioning along with using the X-FIT equipment Jimmy has built, client get the choice of training style they want.

So come get some!

X-FIT is working currently out of the back of PHYSIQUE GYM  located at 4 West 18 street 2 fl

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